Cinco de Mayo / Kentucky Derby Raft
May 7th @ Swan Creek

From old Hill Top to the cockpit, this year we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Year 1810, and the Kentucky Derby, year 1875, bringing together two of the most noted times in horsemanship. Texas-born General Zaragosa out flanked the French on their way to Mexico City where the best cavalry in the world butchered them giving Napoleon’s Army its first defeat in 50 years.

In 1779, Edward Smith-Stanley, the 12th Earl of Derby and Sir Charles Bunbury had no idea that in 1875 their love of horses would be the cornerstone for what is known today as the Kentucky Derby.

Whether it be the Mexican Cavalry, Kentucky Derby, tacos or mint juleps, come join us for a little horsing around on Saturday May 7th at Swan Creek, 4 pm, Bring your favorite “Horse” d'oeuvre and beverage whatever be your choice of tack!

Please RSVP to Paisano if you are planning to attend.

See you there amigos,
Linda & Clem
s/v Paisano