Hunter Hon Fest

In true Balmore fashion the Northern Star Hunter group was in full regalia for the Hon Fest raft up held in Bodkin Creek on June 18th. Thirteen boats attended and boats got into the spirit with pink flamingos everywhere.

The ladies, of course, stole the show becoming Hon divas with poodle skirts, unusual hair and wild sun glasses. The crew of Adventure Bound presented a younger version of Hon. Not to be outdone by the ladies, several captains sported Natty Bo attire and his presence was honored with a National toast.

Events included a meat loaf competition with Absolutely, Aquila, Windsprint, Silent Running and Xtasea participating.  It was a tough decision and in the end all entries make their way into meat loaf sliders that quickly vanished.

Sen E Nuff are true Balmore Hon’s they looked, talked and acted the part.

Overall an excellent raft with good friends, good winds, and a most pleasant cool evening.

Thank you Absolutely, Adventure Bound, Aquila, Narsilion, Padazory, Painkiller, Paisano, Sena-Nuff, Silent Running, Windkist and Xtasea for making this an enjoyable weekend. 

Till next time!
S/V Contigo and Windsprint