2011 NSHSA Spring Meeting

Hello Friends, 

Walk through any marina and you will smell boat wax and bottom paint; see people climbing over, under and through boats; and in general feel that special electricity in the air.  Yes folks; Spring is finally here and the sailing season is about to begin!  NSHSA is primed to make 2011 another great season!

In-fact, the season has already begun. Our 2011 Spring Planning Meeting was held at Tidewater Marina on March 5th and was well attended by the following boats: Adventure Bound, Aquila, Champagne, Contigo, Elsie's Phantasie, Octavia, Padozary, Painkiller, Paisano, Sena'Nuff, Silent Running, Timothy James, Tomorrow Came, Valkyrie, Windkist 4, Carpe Ventum, Windsprint.  Tidewater chose to hold their Spring Openhouse the same day which added to the overall buzz.   Members and guests were given the opportunity to climb through both new and brokered boats including the new Hunter 39.

Bill Ubelacker assembled a wonderful picture presentation, highlighting club activities from the past few years. What a hit! It was great to look back and reminisce over all the great times NSHSA has enjoyed on the bay.  If our web server has enough space, I would like to store this in the members section of the Website.

SailTime base owner Todd Hess spoke briefly about his organization (SailTime & Baysail) and the new relationship between SailTime and NSHSA.

Sue Tedeschi (Secretary) read the minutes from the Officers meeting.  The highlights being: Dues will remain $35; raftups will be funded as follows:  holiday (Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day) $175 per; all others, $50 per.  The officers voted to continue our CBYCA membership which provides insight into pending legislation and other issues impacting Chesapeake bay boaters. 

Marie Frankel (Treasurer) covered the budget.  For specific questions, please contact Marie or me.

Sybil Shipley (Fleet Captain) went over the 2011 Raft-up schedule. Check the website for details – the dates are set, but locations will be determined by the weather. While the schedule appears full, we do have some open spots (4th of July!!) and there’s always room for more.   If you’re considering hosting a raft-up – get on the calendar.   If you would like to host a raft-up, but don’t know how.  Pair-up with an experienced captain or check out How to run a raft-up on the website.

Joe (Previous Commodore) and Sue Cameron discussed the Ambassador program.  Most members can trace his or her involvement in the club to some kind of tie with another member. As I’ve said before, when Dottie, the boys and I were new members, it was Garry and Catherine Johnson of Windkist that reached out to us and made us feel welcomed.  Aside from creating friends and fond memories,  these links are the lifeblood of the club.  Joe and Sue would like to create a “family tree” documenting the connections.

Speaking of new members, please welcome the following:

When you see these new NSHSA members on the water, introduce yourself,  be an Ambassador.

Our Vice Commodore Eddie Sabol presented the racing trophies from the 2010 “just for fun” Clean Your Clock race off White Rocks.  The winners are: 1st Place Tom Schmidt of Narsillion,  2nd Place John Yates of Jo-lin-dy and 3rd Place Bill Ubelacker of Silent Running.   Ed deserves a special mention for finding high quality trophies that are more in-line with our budget.  Well done!  While NSHSA would never be accused of being a racing club, the CYC race and the trophies are a tradition we should continue.  Who know’s maybe one of our new members is channeling Russell Coutts or Denis Connors.

We would like to re-ignite interest in a Chesapeake bay Rendezvous for 2012.  This of course is pending agreement and support from the other two clubs, Hunter and the Dealers.   More to come as we work through the logistics.

A big thanks to Tidewater Marina and Paul Matrangola (Tidewater Sales) for hosting us again this year.  Tidewater not only graciously provided the space, table and the chairs but also the absolute best backdrop for our club meeting.

Following the meeting it was time to eat.  Everyone enjoyed the pot-luck and talking about what else… Sailing!

See you on the water.

Your Commodore,
Paul Borchardt
S/V Padozary