Turtle Cay Junkanoo
January 2008

We dinked over to New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay to inside ferry/dink dock and walked up near the government area to join watchers waiting for the local Junkanoo parade to rush down the hill. A golf cart led the parade, Lil Slammers youngsters were next, then teenagers' groups. The feathered headdresses and colorful yokes were amazing. The kids all had their choreography down very well, and their coach was urging them to "work it, work it"! Male musicians with 2-headed horns and 2 cowbells came next, followed by the drummers. Colors included yellow, turquoise, black and other accents. The parade went once around the town and came back to the basketball court area where the local DJ was playing music CD's and making lots of personal comments. After a long break, some of the men loaned their headpieces to a couple older girls and they prepared to lead the second round. While they did, "the Devil" came by and played with the local children. When the parade came back, the drummers drove the Devil and all evil spirits out for the entire year!

Catherine Johnson
S/V Windkist 4