Our Pets that sail with us

Morgan sails with Chris and Deb Schultz on Annalee

Dory sails with Paul & Dottie on Tenacity

Boo sails with Elsie and Steve
on Elsie's Phantasy

Marsh sails with Steve & Suzette Coppage on Schatzi

Henry sails with Winnie Nissley on Bert & Ernie

Chestnut and Ragnar sail with Keith & Joyce on Puesta del Sol

Rickie sails with Cathleen and
Dave on Absolutely

Bosun sails with Craig & Shirl Miller on Destiny

Kayla & Shya sail with Jarvis and Elke on Sly Fox

Henry and Jinx sail with the Ubelackers on Silent Running.

Captain sails with JoAnn Palmer on Windependent.