Commodore's Corner
Fall 2009

Hello everyone, 

With the holiday season upon us I wanted to take a minute to reflect on the past season, and let you know what has been planned so far for next year.

Once again we had a fun filled season with a great deal of participation from the group both in planning and attending the functions. As we all know the success of our club depends on participation from everyone.

We started the season with our traditional Memorial Day weekend picnic and race and ended the season with our Oktoberfest. We had new raft-up themes this year including the first formal 4th of July raft-up hosted by Jo-Lin-Dy with wonderful fire works on Middle River.  We had a great beach party hosted by Fortune Hunter which got rained out but we had a great party anyway in the chicken coupe on the pier at Tolchester marina.  I would like to  thank Tidewater Marina again this year for supplying slips, the grill and drinks at our picnic the weekend after Labor day. We again had rain but with everyone bringing great food and conversation, it did not impede our good time.    We also had a great deal of rain at our Oktoberfest but it did not stop the fun. As we were observed by an outsider the comment was made that "only sail boaters would be outside having fun in this weather".  We are truly a hardy bunch.

Along with the traditional raft-ups, there was a group that went to France and had a great time sight seeing and sailing. Thanks to Champagne for organizing the trip. Before the group left, there was a send off raft up where the group learned to do Mediterranean moorings, which is required in some areas of France.

Even though the raft-ups were organized by specific boats, there were several boats that helped in the planning and decorations of the themes, which made the season more fun.

Now for next year:

Our winter meeting will be at Tidewater at 1pm on 2/20/10. I would like to thank Sue Tedeschi for organizing this meeting. Lunch again will be a pot luck. There will be electric for crock pots.  Tables and chairs will be supplied by Tidewater. The club will provide drinks, paper products, and utensils.  

So far on the schedule are the following events and trips:

Thank you to everyone for making this year another great one. Best wishes to all during this holiday season.

Stay safe,