Commodore's Corner
Summer 2009

Hello  everyone,

       Well we are at the half way point of the summer. It is amazing how fast time passes when you have a great group of friends to spend the weekends with. Thanks to many of you we have had very successful  raft ups as well as fun impromptu get togethers on the water.  It is great the way we see each other on the water or call each other on the VHF and end up getting together even when there is no agenda. This is the camaraderie that makes our club so much fun .   

       The season started out a bit rough with the death of my father, but having  the support of all of you made it a bit easier to deal with. Thank you for all of your cards and phone calls 

      As the season moves on there are more raft ups planned which will be a lot of fun. If you want to host a raft up there are still weekends available, just let me know. Remember the host of a raft up is responsible for a theme, place to go, communication to the group via the web page, and a short write up following the event. The members have the responsibility to come and have a great time  

      A future event that is currently being worked on is the 2010 Rendezvous. A committee has been put together and is being headed by our VC Paul and FC Sybill. They are working with our counterpart club HSA 1 so I am sure that the event will be a success. As the planning continues they will need help from the rest of us. Details will be put on the web sight as they are finalized  

As I review our schedule, I am looking forward to a fun and successful second half of the season.

See you on the water,