Commodore's Corner
Winter 2009

Well club members we are still in the grips of the global warming trend with everything cold, and the bay frozen over.

As I visit Aquila in the water at the Baltimore Yacht Club I see ice which looks thick and covers the bay as far and I can see. Aquila is resting well with the ice eater running frequently and keeping her hall above freezing.

This kind if long term cold will test our skills at winterizing (good luck to all) I hope when we commission our vessels everything stays intact – time will tell – we may have a calamity cup winner early this year.

As the club turns to eye the next sailing season we have the normal things to keep us busy, like having good times, and building memories with great people. We need to plan and organize raft ups, club meetings, and other impromptu social get togethers. This year with the overwhelming economic challenges we will need to pay close attention to what we spend on events. We may have to have more pot luck get togethers on the hook which is always nice for the chefs among us. Those of us who do not like to cook take these opportunities to learn about different foods and eat well. It is important to keep in mind that the main focus of the club is to spend time with like-minded people, relax and enjoy nature. People both old and young make the club and in tern give enjoyment to all.

The officers will be meeting on 2/21/09 to begin planning the season. The spring club meeting will be held sometime in March. As soon as the officers meet and agree on the details I will send out the information to everyone.

If any past commodores would like to attend the officers meeting please feel free to come. Just send me an e-mail for the information. The officers will be meeting on 2/21 at 1300.

Joe, Sue and Aquila