Commodore's Corner
April 2013


Winter seems to keep trying to hold on this year, but spring is coming up around us if we look in the right places… One of those is our schedule… We held our annual planning meeting on March 23 rd to a rather sizable group at Tidewater Marina in Hav’re de Grace… followed by a Pot Luck Luncheon… It was fantastic seeing so many people for my first meeting as Commodore!

Some highlights from our meeting was the official greeting of our new Vice Commodore Bill Ubelacker and Fleet Captain Frederique Lienard. Past Commodore Paul Borchardt rolled out the Club’s new Passport Program… This should be very rewarding as a keepsake for anyone who utilizes it throughout the year. For anyone who was not at the meeting we have additional passports available for you, and they can be picked up from me at any of the future cruise or raft events where you see me. Frederique rolled out her plans for the racing season with a change to past events in an effort to spark additional interest in some friendly competition out on the bay.

We have several long range cruises on the calendar this year with Tom Schmidt’s DelMarVa Circumnavigation (Check the schedule for some of the training opportunities that will be taking place in advance of this cruise!). Joe Cameron is planning a cruise to Block Island in late June, which is another wonderful long range cruise… and with the efforts going on to close the port in Block Island this may be one of the last opportunities to anchor in the cove… Due to gray water concerns.

If you look over the schedule you will see a number of familiar names on the list for sponsors… I encourage everyone who enjoys the cruise and raft events that do not regularly sponsor an event to offer these host captains your assistance. It is a great way to learn the ins and outs of cruise and raft event planning and your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Who knows you may find it so easy that you will utilize the experience as a spring board to an event idea you have in mind!

April 13 th is just a week away and the season opener with the Splashdown raft occurring on Swan Creek… This is also going to be the first opportunity to get a race in down the bay from Middle River; the long range forecast is looking good!!!

With this I sign off for now… Till we meet on the bay!

Commodore Eddie Sabol
S/ V Tomorrow Came