Commodore's Corner
Summer 2014

Hello  everyone,

The season is well underway and the warm weather is here! It is half way through June already. I am always amazed at how fast time flies after the boats are in the water. We have had several club events already with many more scheduled. Thanks to the raft captains that have organized and run those events. It was great to see so many of you at the Memorial Day picnic. I look forward to seeing many of you at the up-coming Key West on the Chesapeake Raft in Bodkin Creek and the Safety Raft in Worton, as well as the rafts and cruises through the year. We are still looking for someone to host an event in August, so if you have an idea, please let me know. If you have never run a raft-up before, many of us would be more than willing to help. Don't forget, the club is more than just organized events. If there is nothing on the schedule, just give a call on VHF 78 to see what others are doing.

As you already know, Eddie Sabol was forced to resign his position as Commodore when he relocated to Alabama for a new job. I wish him luck in his new position and want to thank him for his efforts as an officer of the club over the last several years. Our new Vice Commodore - Elsie Grady-McDonough form Elsie's Phantasie. She stepped up to help fill the vacancy that I left open. Thank you Elsie! I you are interested in taking a club leadership position, please submit a nomination to any officer by August 30th. The annual elections will be held at the Fall Business Meeting on October 4th.

This year we are trying to revitalize a few programs that have gone dormant over the years. The first is the Membership Committee. Frank Tedeschi has taken the lead to help find ways to bring in new members. If you were at the Pig Roast, you should have picked up some cosies and flyers to give to potential members at your marina. Bringing in others and sharing the fun of the club is essential to our future, so please help Frank and the Committee to attract and recruit in your marina. If you did not get some or need more, please contact Frank.

Closely related to the Membership committee is the Marina Ambassador program. We are looking for individuals that would like to reach out to other Hunter owners in their marina to introduce the club and hopefully attract new members.

I am looking forward to the sailing and get togethers with everyone for the rest of the summer.

See you on the water,