WINDEPENDENT was motored up to Tidewater on April 24th to be put up for sale.  It was a bit of a heart-wrenching journey, but the weather was good, and our close friends John and Kathy Molnar made the final journey with me.
The Lost Captains Program made it possible for me to get the boat ready for sale.  There are many heroes in the NSHSA, but some were special heroes to me.
In the Fall, The Molnars, Wolf Milz, and Tom Schmidt winterized  the boat.  This Spring the Molnars, Tom Schmidt, Dave Knauer, and Chris Schultz painted the bottom, and waxed the hull.  The Molnars also helped me get the topsides shipshape.
All of you who knew Gordon knew him to be a very self-reliant person.  Just like many NSHSA members, Gordon helped many people.... with never a thought of what was in it for him.  He just liked helping people and had the knowledge, strength and energy to do it..  However, he never liked to ask for help for himself.  It just was not in his nature.  When I could not help him...for example.... get the sails off of the boat, I'd tell him to get someone to help him.  He wouldn't.. and  would manage somehow  to do it  all by himself.  No matter how heavy or difficult, Gordon would get the task done.
That being said, I know Gordon would be so touched and so grateful for the help and assistance that was given to me by the club.  I could not have managed all of this on my own.
Gordon, I, and WINDEPENDENT thank everyone so much.  Your kindness and assistance will always be appreciated and will always be remembered.
Jo Ann Palmer